Blue Ribbon Pet Salon in Virginia Beach, Virginia

A word from Blue Ribbon's owner:

My journey to owning and operating a fabulous grooming salon began with the purchase of my first show dog in 1997, a Standard Poodle named Freddy. I learned how to grow and maintain his show coat after meeting Kathi Johnson, Marquis Standard Poodles, in 2000. Kathi mentored me every step of the way and we obtained Freddy's AKC Championship in early 2002. From AKC dog shows to helping Kathi at her grooming business, I became immersed in all things dogs. Formerly an art director and graphic designer, I had an artistic eye and easily learned grooming patterns.
Fast-forward to 2009. After working with Kathi for nine years, I had the opportunity to purchase Blue Ribbon Pet Grooming from her. At that time I decided to relocate the business a few blocks down the road and do a complete interior spa-like buildout from bare walls and floors. Thus, the name change from Pet Grooming to Pet Salon. This business is my heart and soul and because I am a meticulous overachiever, I set the bar high for the product going out my front door. I only employ skillful stylists who have the same attention to detail that I have, who, like me, care about the well-being of the pets that are entrusted to us and take pride in our work. Dogs and cats are living, breathing, moving creatures. We sometimes don't get it perfect, but that's our goal, and we do come pretty close!
Ribbon Group — Pet Groomer in Virginia Beach VA
Salisbury — Pet Groomer in Virginia Beach VA
Poo with Groomer — Pet Groomer in Virginia Beach VA
Sarah with Brown Dog — Pet Groomer in Virginia Beach VA
Sarah Grooming the Brown Dog — Pet Groomer in Virginia Beach VA
We are well respected by numerous veterinarians in the area, garnering referrals from many Chesapeake, Virginia Beach and Norfolk practices. And our clients are often our best cheerleaders, referring family and friends to us. In business since 1999, Blue Ribbon Pet Salon has had the rare opportunity to work with two and three generations of family pets. We must be doing something right!
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Alyssa k.
Groomed my cat. His fur was about 2 inches long he's fat so he has a hard time cleaning himself he had TERRIBLE mats. Picked him up smelt amazing! All mats gone and he looks like a cute little lion. You can tell he is SOOOO much happier with being shaved. He's a strong cat I guess it took 3 of them to do the job. A little pricey but boy was it worth it. Will definitely be coming back then next time he needs a grooming! They also got me in the next day which was so awesome of them!!!