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Groomed Cats and Dogs

Our Feline Grooming Services

Grooming services offered for cats include nail trimming, ear cleaning, bath with brush-outs and deshedding, gland expression and may also include haircuts. Some cats may require spot clipping of mats in sanitary areas or overall shaving if coat condition warrants. Many long-haired cat owners request Lion Cuts to minimize brushing and coat maintenance at home in between grooming sessions.

Fine Grooming

The Cat Grooming Process

Cats generally benefit from two Pet Stylists working with them during their appointment for safety and efficiency reasons. During this process, one stylist will hold your cat while another will do the clipper and haircut work. This allows your pet to get the grooming they need while staying safe throughout the process.

Customized Care for Your Cat

For the best possible results, baths are tailored to your cat's coat requirements. Some may need coat conditioning, while others may require removal of oily coat residue. For cats with excessive skin dander, we use medicated shampoos that safely remove much of this buildup during the bathing and drying process. Both short and long-haired cat breeds benefit from deshedding, which is accomplished with a three step process before, during, and after your cat's bath.

Your Cat's First Visit

Before your visit, we ask if your cat has been professionally groomed before to help us better gauge their comfort level. We also ask that you provide a copy of their current vaccinations. Some cats may need to be referred to a Veterinarian clinic due to temperament or evident health conditions. This is always determined on a case-by-case basis, usually at check-in, and is for the safety of your cat as well as our grooming staff.

Convenient Scheduling

Our canine grooming services can be tailored around your work and lunch schedules so our actual operating hours may vary depending on how appointments are booked. During peak Holiday seasons, we are often open seven days a week to accommodate appointment requests.